We offer Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, and  One Time Cleanings. We suggest that you choose a service plan verses a One Time cleaning for the simple facts that it is cheaper and your can will get dirty again. Our current customer base consist of 10% Bi-Monthly 30% quarterly, 50% monthly. Choose what best fits your family.

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Clean Up

Spiffy Can will stop by on your collection day with our custom built high pressure, 200 degree high temperature trash can cleaning machine.


No more holding your breath every time you open your cans.  They’ll be disinfected, sanitized and deodorized!

Our Prices



  • 1 can cleaned once a month
  • $10 per additional can



  • 1 can cleaned once every two months
  • $10 per addition can



  • 1 can cleaned once every three months
  • $10 per addition can

One Time


  • 1 can cleaned once a year
  • $20 per addition can
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We destroy 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses living in your rotten can.


Our custom built high pressure, high temperature, trash can cleaning machine leaves your can fully sanitized.


Eco-friendly biodegradable cleaning solutions leave your sticky can smelling fresh.

Standard cleanings are same day as collection day.


Note: Monthly Plan 3 cleaning commitment, Quarterly Plan 2 cleaning commitment or subject to a $30 cancellation fee.

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